Best Windows 7 Ultimate Activator 2019 [Updated]

Latest Windows 7 Ultimate Activator – One Click and Permanent

Windows 7 Ultimate

We’ve all used Windows 7 before or we know about it. It is a personal operating system that Microsoft introduced as part of the Windows NT group of operating systems, which came after Windows Vista. It is well known as a solid operating system with many great features that gives users a good experience. It streamlines the interface and works at high speeds. In the line of Windows 7 operating systems, there is Windows 7 Ultimate for businesses and professionals. It is the best operating system for business purposes even now. This version is powerful and versatile and even though other versions succeeded it, it is still one of the best in the industry.

Features of Windows 7 Ultimate

This version of Windows 7 comes provides many useful features to help professionals and businesses run smoothly. Some of the features include:

  • Jump Lists- you can get to your favorite documents websites and songs speedily.
  • Home Group- sharing printers and files on a network can be a headache, but this feature makes it simple.
  • Snipping Tool- allows you to screenshot all or one part of your screen.
  • Window Taskbar- you get a better preview of icons and thumbnails, as well as there, are more option to customize your experience.
  • Windows search- this tool helps you to find just about anything instantly on your computer.
  • Windows XP Mode: this convenient tool allows the operation of previous XP business applications on the Windows 7 desktop.
  • Improvement of performance- there have been updates such as less space needed for memory, quick sleep, USB component detection, and resume.
  • Multilingual- this operating system wipes out language barriers by enabling the display to change between 35 languages.
  • Windows Firewall- malicious content and hackers are prevalent and this feature keeps intruders from breaching the system.
  • Drive Encryption- the BitLocker encryption allows data on the disk drive to be encrypted thereby, keeping them secure.

 Minimum System Requirements for Windows 7 Ultimate

For Windows 7 Ultimate to function at full capacity after activation, a few elements should be in place- both hardware and software. These requirements are:

  • At least 1 GB of RAM for 32- bit or 2 GB of RAM for 64- bit
  • I GHz or faster for both 64- bit or 32- bit
  • Graphics: a DirectX 9 graphics hardware that has WDDM or a higher driver
  • At least 16 GB of free hard disk space for a 32- bit or at least 20 GB for a 64- bit

Windows 7 Ultimate Activator

In order to get full use of Windows 7 Ultimate and all of its great features, the operating system must be activated as with all Windows products. The Windows Product activator is a mandatory key used to register a genuine copy of the Microsoft product. Basically, it a copy protection system that is put into place. The activation key does come with a price attached and comes with a purchased copy of a Windows product, but there are ways to attain it free of cost. There are a few activators available but you want the one that is simplest and most effective. A one-click activator is Xiaoma KMS Activator. It is well known as one of the fastest and easiest one click activators to use to get a permanent copy of Windows 7 Ulitmate and other Office and Microsoft Window products.

Some activators do not guarantee a successful activation process all the time. Xiaoma KMS has one of the highest success rates for activation. You can say it is higher than many similar products out there. There is no hassle with using this product as the process is swift and automatic and the result is always permanent activation. By using this activator it guaranteed that the activated Windows product will pass the genuine validation test put in place by Microsoft. There isn’t much experience or knowledge needed to operate this activator for windows 7 because the entire process is done with a single click.

Features of Xiaoma KMS

  • The activation success rate higher than most products of its kind.
  • You will achieve permanent activation (as well as offline activation) with a single click.
  • The user interface is designed to make the user’s experience as simple as possible.
  • The software is built with the intelligence to detect hidden partitions.
  • There is protection for original boot file.
  • Activation is reassured as a result of the self-test module feature.
  • You can activate an entire series of Office and Windows products.
  • There is guaranteed support for Windows 7 Ulitmate, Home Starter Edition, Professional,
  • Lite Edition, Home Premium, Enterprise Edition, and Standard Editon.
  • There is no language barrier as the software supports multiple languages.
  • It is a lightweight product and barely takes up any space on your hard drive or use many other resources.
  • It is free and no installation of the product is necessary.

How To Use Xiaoma KMS

Getting the activator is done with just a few simple steps and after it is downloaded, activating your Windows 7 Ultimate or other Windows and Office product is even easier.

  1.  First, you obtain Xiaoma KMS Activator by downloading the file from the link given on the appropriate site.
  2. Turn off your anti-virus or other protection software as the file may be identified as a virus and blocked from your system.
  3. Open the file after extraction by running it as Admin.
  4. There is an option to activate so you select that particular instruction.
  5. After that, all you do is wait until the activator does its work and your Office or Window product will be activated in no time. That’s all there is to the one-click activation process.


While it is always best to purchase genuine copies of Microsoft products and activator, not everyone can afford them. For those who don’t have the money to spend, of course, the solution is to seek a free activator. While choosing an activator, take into consideration the success rate of activation for that particular product. A safe and guaranteed permanent one-click activator to activate your Windows 7 Ulitmate is Xiaoma KMS. It free, simple to use and has a high success rate.

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