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Everything you need to know about Microsoft office 2010 product key

Microsoft office 2010 product key is well known for its high-class office suite software just for office users. For one to fully initiate the Microsoft Office 2010, he/she will require genuine product keys. This legitimate Microsoft Office 2010 Product key is the only thing that can fully activate the Office and give you access to its comprehensive Premium features.

Essentially, Microsoft Office is a product that is used the most worldwide in regards to making presentations and documents. If you have a complete version of this Microsoft office, you can enjoy the entire the premium services available. What you need is the legitimate Microsoft Office Product key for activation.

Why the legitimate product key is needed?

The reason why you need a legitimate Microsoft Office 2010 Product key is that this is normally a requirement when creating an edition of your software licensed. The activation of any Microsoft software or any other kind of licensing program requires a legit product or serial key. Microsoft makes use of its unique serial keys sets for the purpose of making the Office activated. The 25-digit distinctive code key is what you require to enable all the Microsoft Office premium features.

You need to buy the legit product keys so as to be able to easily make a copy of your copy legally binding and able to utilize the complete features. The good thing with this is the fact that you may now get the functional product Key for Microsoft Office 2010 at no cost. These keys mostly work and any of them will definitely activate Microsoft Office 2010. You just need to relax and give a try the entire keys in the record.

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Can you activate Ms Office with a free product key for Microsoft Office 2010?

You have to type or key in the Product key so as to initialize the Microsoft office. You will have the choice to activate and license the product. They ways for activation or initialization of your product offered by the Microsoft are two, namely:

i). Use the internet to activate, or

ii). Use the telephone to activate Activation using the internet

If you have opted to use Microsoft Office activation online or by the utilization of the internet, you will automatically be taken by the program to the Microsoft licensing Wizard services. Basically, this wizard will check to establish legality or illegality of your key for the software.

You will have your activation successful is the product key used is genuine and valid. On the other hand, you will experience the error during the activation process in case the product key entered is illegal and does meet the requirements. When the activation fails to go through, the wizard (wizard for activation) will instruct you enter the key again and restart the process. When this happens, perform these steps:

Step 1: Have your computer disconnected and reconnected again.

Step 2: Feed in your product key once again.

Step 3: Wait for the wizard to establish the validity of your product key.

If this method does not activate your Microsoft Office 2010, try the telephonic method.

Activation using a telephone

The telephonic activation method from Microsoft can as well be used to activate Microsoft office 2010. Follow the procedure below and you will have your Microsoft office 2010 immediately on the phone:

Step 1: Get the toll number for the product activation which is available on your product (printed).

Step 2: This number will have you connected to the Microsoft team (support) in your region or country.

Step 3: Ask your area Microsoft assistant for a confirmation ID.

Step 4: Start the Microsoft Office on your computer and navigate to the Installation wizard.

Step 5: Choose the “Activate by telephone” option when asked by the wizard to choose the activation method.

Step 6: You will be provided with the phone number to activate your MS Office 2010.

Step 7: Key in the confirmation ID received through the telephone for MS Office 2010 product activation.Step

8: Finally, create a copy of MS Office 2010 activation after following all these steps.

What to do when you are not in a position to obtain a legitimate Office 2010 product key

When you buy the legal MS Office 2010, you also get its activation key. The genuine activation key can come with the box where you get a functional DVD in it. Alternatively, it can come from the given email to your validated mobile number by Microsoft. Basically, one can purchase MS Office in two formats. These formats are:

i). online in form of DVD or

ii). online in a version that can be downloaded.

If you choose the online buying process for your Microsoft Office, a message or email through your registered mail will be mailed to you. From the email, you will find an acknowledgement and keys for activation for you.

Alternatively, you can purchase it from the offline sources such as CD or DVD. The key for your software activation is, in this case, is in the box or pasted on the wrapping of the particular bought box.

The key (product key) meant for your Office 2010 activation is in the 25-digit code combination format.


If still, you are not able to obtain the legal key in both the two methods listed above or have downloaded the MS Office from a 3rd party and still not able to find the legitimate key then try any of the plenty free keys available to validate it.

The product key for Office 2010

Try the keys below in case you are not in a position to activate your copy. These are 100% functional product keys for Office 2010.

Office 2010 32-bit key




Office 2010 64-bit key




Office 2010 Product key (STD)

PTD4T- F6MTH- B7G7Q-2QCX2 -6Y829



It is important to note the kind of bit version in use for Office as well as windows because a 64 bit key and 32-bit key don’t operate with each other. These keys are applied only for their particular configuration.


Microsoft Office 2010 product key is a very powerful tool for making presentations. You, therefore, need to have it activated so that you enjoy its premiums features. This article has all that you need in regards to MS Office activation. Nevertheless, you should note that everything here will depend on your keenness. Just ensure that everything that you key in is correct and you probably get the desired services for your Windows.

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