Activator For Microsoft Office 2016 Final {Latest}

Ms Office 2016 and 2016 activator

Quite a number of people need their office, home and even business work to be performed and depended exclusively on Microsoft Office. Despite the fact that many of them have installed and even activated Ms Office 2016 activator on their personal computers, many of them do not have it again. In some cases, others have formatted their computers thus, they no longer have it. Reading this article should give you a clear understanding and benefits of the office 2016 activator that you desire.

Before we proceed and talk about the office 2016 activator, it is good to first discuss the Ms Office 2016 itself

What is Ms Office 2016?

Microsoft Office 2016 activator is basically an office suite of servers, services and applications developed by Microsoft. At first, this was a marketing phrase for a bundled set of apps. The initial version of the office had Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. Throughout the years, the office applications have considerably advanced closer with shared peculiarities like Ole Data Integration, Common Spell Checker, as well as the Visual Basic, meant for Applications Scripting Language.

The Microsoft Office Suite Includes:

  • The Microsoft Word which a word processor.
  • Microsoft Excel that has Spreadsheet

The Microsoft Powerpoint- this is a presentation program that is used to generate slideshows comprised of graphics, text and other different objects which can be presented on-screen and either printed out on slides or shown by the presenter.

Microsoft Access- this is basically a Database Management System meant for Windows. It joins a Software Development Tools and Graphical User Interface (GUI) with Relational Microsoft Jet Database Engine. The Microsoft Access keeps data in its format as per the Access Jet Database Engine. Furthermore, it can import or connect straight to data kept in other databases and applications.

The Microsoft Outlook– This is a manager for personal data. It replaces Microsoft mail, windows messaging and Schedule Plus starting found in Office 97. It comprises a Calendar, E-mail Client, Address Book and Task manager.

Microsoft Onenote– essentially, this is a Notetaking program and it groups typed or handwritten notes, screen clippings, drawings and audio commentaries. With this, notes can be shared with a number of Onenote users over a network the internet.

Microsoft Publisher– this is a desktop publishing application meant for Windows. It is often employed in designing labels, Brochures, Calendars, Business Cards, Greeting Cards, Postcards, Newsletters and Web sites.

Skype for Business– this is an Integrated Communications Client applied for meetings and conferences in real time. It is just Microsoft Office Desktop application that is neither helpful without a good network layout nor has the prefix “Microsoft” in its name.

Microsoft Project– this is a project management application for Windows monitor events and creates Gantt charts and Network charts. This is not bundled in any office suite.

Microsoft Visio– if you need Windows App for flowcharting and diagram then this should work. Like the Microsoft Project, it is bundled in any office suite.

Downloading MS Office

If you wish to download any variant of Microsoft Office, then the first thing you will require is the MS or Windows ISO downloader tool. In case you have never heard of this tool, then you just need to know that it is simple software that enables you to download any edition or version of Microsoft Office or Microsoft Windows Operating System. The tool gives a legitimate IMG or ISO file and these are instantly sourced from the Microsoft server, thus, one should never bother about its legitimacy. With that, let us go directly to the steps you need to follow.

Step1: Start by downloading and running the “MS Office ISO Downloader Tool“.

Step2: From the right side, choose your Microsoft Office variant or version.

Step3: Choose your language and edition

Step4: Download it.

Installing MS Office 2016

If you have downloaded the right IMG or ISO setup file, installing the MS Office need not be a big issue. In case you had downloaded MS Office 2016, then you will need to extract the setup file to your machine and proceed to run the setup. Again, extracting the setup should be an easy task since there is a lot of software that can conveniently do that.

Activating Microsoft Office without a product key.

After downloading and installing office 2016, the next reasonable step would be activating it. But must you use a specific office 2016 activator?

Re-Loader Activator 3.0

Well, once you have managed to install your MS Office, try to run it once again and confirm the product activation state. One way of doing this would be running Microsoft Word then navigate to its “About” section. Now you will require an activator such as the office 2016 activator to activate any sort of Microsoft Office variant just for free and for a lifetime. To activate your Ms Office 2016, follow these steps:

Step1: If you have an active antivirus program, disable it. (you may not be in a position to run it as your antivirus may identify it as a false positive)

Step2: Download and double-click to open the “” Folder.

Step3: With administrator privileges, start running the “Activator.exe” file.

Step4: Be patient until it downloads files from the internet then activate the Ms Office.

Step5: Ensure you have a working internet connection.

While running, you may hear some crappy hacking sounds. The sound is normal and you should never get startled about it.

When you have successfully completed all the above-outlined steps you should be ready to go. To confirm your activation status, go again to the “About” section of your Ms Office and you will notice that it is activated.


There are some basic things you should note in order to successfully activate your office 2016. Note that not every office 2016 activator that you see online work. Some are just mere links that lead you to malicious or ill-disposed sites. Indeed, activating your office 2016 is worth the day-long search for the best office 2016 activator over the internet. However, remember that nowadays there is a lot of fake software that mimics the real office 2016 activator. Just follow these steps for downloading and installing your Ms Office carefully and activate it to enjoy all the amazing services it offers.

Activator For Microsoft Office 2016 Final {Latest}